chislehurst and sidcup school

We were pleased to work with Beardwell Construction in fitting the new music and drama rooms with a complete lighting installation.

The installation included two drama rooms that each had four lighting bars. These were controlled by Zero 88 Betapacks and each room has its own, recently released Zero 88 FLX lighting console.

Each of the two spaces were complimented with LDR profile and fresnel fixtures as well as LED colour washes from Chauvet.


Zero88 Betapack
Suono Profile

We were able to work with the specification and offer the best solution and the largest amount of fixtures for both staff and students to utilise.

We provided training to the staff and a selected number of students once the installation was complete.

Working with the main contractors, surveyors and our friends at Laser Electrical we were able to deliver a modern, flexible and high quality lighting package to each drama room to further the education of the students at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammer School.