NHS Foundation Trust Meeting – 2nd March 2011

It had been decided that the NHS Foundation Trust will now start a road show, where the board members travel to different locations in Essex to get input from the locals. On Wednesday 2nd March I was pleased to travel with them to Colchester, where we setup the road show with conference microphones and new Bose L1 sound system for the public board meeting.

At this meeting there were also two guest speakers who each used a wireless lapel microphone so that both the board members and members of the public could hear clearly. This meeting was seen as a complete success by everyone and so the board will be on the road to Epping in August, I am pleased to be joining them there.

The event organiser Dermot had this to say:
“A very efficient service including; being early to complete testing and setup well in advance of our events start time, using new speaker systems for excellent sound quality for our audience, using wireless clip on, lapel microphones as an unobtrusive solution for our guest speaker”

You can see this testimonial along with some of our others here http://www.spotlightsound.co.uk/testimonials/