Thriftwood School

We were pleased to work with a local primary school that caters for pupils with moderate learning difficulties and additional complex needs. The school opened in 1975 in Chelmsford, Essex and is a day school catering for children and young people ages from 7 to 13 years old.

The school were using the original sound system in the school hall and were looking to upgrade to a modern day solution. The challenge here was to install a sound system that could be used day to day for school assemblies, and be incredibly simple to use, yet still have the capacity for a yearly school production.

We installed two new Yamaha speakers and small control system on the wall in the main hall with two wireless microphones and connection for laptop audio. This enabled the school to hold daily assemblies by simply turning the sound system on, it was ready to go.

Install Rack
School Production Rack

To enable the media department to expand on the current system and utilise it for the yearly school production, we provided a separate sound production rack.

This all in one sound rack connects straight to the existing system with just two cables. For the school it means they can expand the daily sound system and provide the pupils with more opportunities to perform.

This sound rack contains four wireless headset microphones, a media player and mixer with capacity for more inputs.

This simple but effective solution not only makes it very easy to use and operate but also allows the students to enjoy performing more often.

We were able to install both systems during a half term break meaning the pupils and staff returned to find the 40 + year old sound system gone, and it's new, easy to use replacement in situ.

This was a rewarding project that was delivered on time and within budget, to a local school.

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