Effects Hire

Professional effects hire including our new CO2 handheld portable cannons and our snow machine. Both products are available for hire from Essex across the country. We supply the equipment with engineers, consumables and all the health and safety data and documents you need. All of our engineers and operators are trained to use this professional equipment and can offer advice in your venue or at your event.

The CO2 Cannon

This cannon or CO2 gun as its known is extremely portable and easy to use. It comes with a backpack so that a cylinder of gas can be carried round with the operator enabling it to be moved around a venue with ease. The CO2 cannon can also be setup with a 99kg liquid co2 cylinder in a permanent position for effect.

CO2 Cannon and Gun can be used all over the country from our Essex base.

Please call us on 01245 206206 for a quotation. This can be hired with or without an operator.

Snow Machine

Our new snow machine can project snow across a stage or venue. It can be setup above an area or on the ground and cover the area and guests in a snow effect. See below how powerful this snow machine really is.

Another professional product available to hire from our Essex base. This can be taken to any venue across the country.

Bubble Machine

Bubble machines are a fantastic effect for all types of events. We are able to create UV bubbles for club nights as well as large quantity of bubbles for film shoots and promotional material. Take a look at the video below for an idea of the amount of bubbles we can produce for your event. Call us for pricing on the bubble machines.

We have different machines for different situations so we can hang machines from a venues system or have stand alone units on a stage. Whatever bubble machine you need we can supply it for you.

UV Cannon and Party Hire

UV cannons are also a common addition to the nightlife scene offering a special glow in the dark effect. Getting your guests dressed up in day glow paints is a great way to bring attention to your event. We can also supply UV paint, glow sticks and other items to enhance the effect. UV cannons can be placed almost anywhere in any venue to give you the right effect.

Combining the UV with bubbles can give you yet another excuse to party. UV bubble fluid combined with the bubble machines gives off an excellent glow in the dark effect. All of these effects are available from our Essex base which we can supply across the country to different pubs, clubs, promoters and anyone else.

Not found the answer? Please contact our customer service for free help and advice on 01245 206 206