Smoke Machine

Smoke Machines

Professional smoke machines from 1000w to 3000w.

Haze Machine

Haze Machines

Le Maitre and Look Solutions, industry standard haze machines and supplies.

Low Fog Hire

Low Foggers

Low foggers activated by conventional ice and heavy smoke fluid.

Bubble Machine

Bubble Machines

Large, professional bubble machines capable of producing hundreds of bubbles.

Confetti Cannon Hire

Confetti Cannons

Confetti shot cannons and streamers, as well as large stock of confetti consumables.

UV Hire

UV Effects

LED and conventional 400w UV cannons in stock for retro UV lighting effects.

Professional snow machines for events and Europe's largest snow cannon from Universal Effects.

CO2 Hire

CO2 Guns and Jets

Stock of CO2 handheld guns and CO2 remote firing jets.

Snow machines are one of our most popular special effects and not just throughout December. Our snow machines are used all year round to create fantastic effects. Our larger machines are also great for TV and give a fantastic on camera effect.

Call us for advice on the best snow machine for your needs.

Snow Machine

Another very popular special effect is our large bubble machines. These are professional units that output hundreds of bubbles a minute.

Bubble machines come with standard bubble fluid or can have scents added. We use these to create really different and diverse effects suitable for a range of events and activities.

Bubble Machine

Special Effects Hire

Spotlight Sound have an extensive stock of special effects equipment for hire and rental. We supply the general public as well as theatres and venues nationwide.

Why hire from us?

Easy Hire

We provide quotations that are clear and easy to read, with dates, pricing, equipment weights and replacements values. 

Once you accept a quotation, it's booked. Simple.

Spotlight Equipment Process

All of our equipment goes through regular testing and maintenance. This means being checked between each hire so it is always ready for you.

Not only do we check if it is fully functional, we check it is in it's best cosmetic condition too.


We are always on hand and on the phone for technical assistance. From small hires to sub hiring a large amount of equipment you still get access to expert support.

Compliance Documents

We will supply you with PAT testing and LOLER inspection reports for all equipment on request.

Special Effects Hire


UV cannons are also a common addition to the nightlife scene offering a special glow in the dark effect. Getting your guests dressed up in day glow paints is a great way to bring attention to your event. We can also supply UV paint, glow sticks and other items to enhance the effect. UV cannons can be placed almost anywhere in any venue to give you the right effect.

Combining the UV with bubbles can give you yet another excuse to party. UV bubble fluid combined with the bubble machines gives off an excellent glow in the dark effect. All of these effects are available from our Essex base. For instance, we can supply across the country to different pubs, clubs, promoters and anyone else.

Need a foam cannon? Check out our large foam cannon for public and charity events.
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Effects Hire