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KV2 Audio Sound Systems, Hire and Installation

We are very pleased to have in stock KV2 Audio products including both ES and EX systems. KV2 Audio systems are available for dry hire and as part of production. They represent the very best in sonic performance. Utilising some of the latest technologies and expert research and development. We can provide competitive pricing on sound systems for hire and installation. Based in Chelmsford, Essex we can easily supply London, Hertforshire, Suffolk and surrounding areas, but we do also cover the UK.

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Sound system and complete event production hire.

KV2 Press Release with Spotlight Sound

Festival Sound Systems

We can provide large scale sound systems with extreme resolution for the very best sounding result.

KV2 Sound System Installation

KV2 sound systems are used all of the world, in some of the very best known venues. Including Amnesia in Ibiza. The world renowned venue utilises the KV2 SL4.12 slimline box and 12x VHD2.18J subs. The DJ booth has also been given the KV2 treatment. With two full range, 3-way ESR212s and a pair of VHD2.18J subs. Its residents are loving the results, claiming that the clarity of the sound has enabled the detail of their mix to stand out in a way that ‘recreates the music,’ adding a whole new dimension to their work. An ESR system also resides in the VIP area, although this time the larger ESR215s - the ultimate full range 3-way system with a wide 110-degree horizontal dispersion. These replace the need for separate subwoofers to deliver a high quality audio experience in more intimate surroundings.

Talk to us about your very own KV2 sound system installation. We are pleased to offer full sound system installation, long term hire options and we can introduce you to finance partners if necessary.

Kv2 ES Hire

KV2 Audio System in Amnesia, Ibiza

PA Systems

For other PA systems take a look at our sound hire page. We stock a range or systems suitable for all types of events.

KV2 Audio Hire & Installation

Hi Sam, Just wanted to say thank you to your team for providing us with an excellent service at such short notice and an excellent PA system for our Hall. Several members of staff have commented on how good the system is.

School Sound System Installation ( Network Manager )