Low Fog Hire

We stock both small and large low fog machines. Each capable of producing a low lying fog effect. Similar to that of dry ice. Low fog machines are much easier to use than dry ice. This is because they use conventional smoke fluid and normal ice cubes. Simply fill the front chamber with regular ice cubes and turn the machine on. The ice cools the fog so that it hugs the floor.

Low fog vs dry ice

What is the difference? Firstly, dry ice machines are best described like a kettle. You take dry ice pellets and lower them into boiling water. The temperature change creates a low lying cloud effect. Secondly, dry ice machines need a low of power to run. Thirdly, you need dry ice pellets. These need to be shipped in and handled with care. Dry ice pellets are -78 degrees Celsius. In other words, very cold!

Low fog machines use smoke fluid, and normal ice cubes. Put normal ice cubes into the machine, turn it on, and away you go. The smoke is pushed through the ice cubes which cools it. This makes the smoke float across the floor.

This effect is often used around Halloween to create a mystical effect. It is also used for weddings for the first dance. For example it will look like the bride and groom are floating on a cloud.

Please note low fog and dry ice are very different effects. We only stock low fog machines for hire and rental.

You can collect your hire from us to use for your event. We supply the effect machine and the fluid, all you need to supply is the ice.

If you are using the machine in a venue, you must ask permission. Low fog machines can setup smoke alarms therefore you need to confirm if the venue has heat detectors and not smoke detectors.

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