UV Hire and UV Cannons

UV hire is available from us across the surrounding areas. We are based in Chelmsford, Essex, just 5 minutes from the A130 and A12.

UV Hire Essex
Neon light

LED UV Rental

We have provided LED UV lighting to events and venues across the country. Including DJ and special events in clubs and bars, as well as house parties. Halloween is a particularly busy time for UV. Although we have nearly 20 UV lights in stock we always get fully booked. Therefore, make sure you book as early as possible to reserve the equipment you need.

How many lights do I need?

Brightness is difficult to measure and describe. Especially when discussing ultraviolet lights. This is because ultraviolet light energy is not directly visible. For most small parties, indoors at home or in a small venue, two lights on a stand is perfect. For larger venues depending more will be needed. Remember light does not bend around corners light sound. For instance if your venue has corners or obstacles, more lights will be needed to get even coverage.

Larger venues such as bars and clubs will benefit from a number of lights positioned strategically around the room. It is more important in these public spaces to have somewhere to hang the lights from. This means that customers won't trip over any stands cable hazards.

To discuss installation of ultraviolet lights or hire of lights for an event, give us a call. We can provide advice over the phone.

Popular hire packages

We often hire out two lights on a stand for small parties. These are suitable for at home or in small venues. However for larger events or venues, customers often choose two of these setups.

Glow in the dark / black light effect

Ultraviolet lights are a great effect for any party or event. We stock LED UV lights and the traditional 400W ultraviolet cannons. Based in Chelmsford we can supply UV lights to Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and beyond. For clubs, pubs and private events call us to discuss you ultraviolet needs.

Utilising the latest in ultraviolet tech, you can be guaranteed of a fantastic and safe effect. Our new LED lights are lightweight, cool and compact so hiring is easy. Collect from us, use and return for the easiest UV event ever.

We stock LED and traditional ultraviolet

LED lights

Firstly, the Chauvet lights are a compact UV wash.

Secondly, the lights are totally LED, meaning low heat, low power and safe to use.

Thirdly, high frequency LED dimming achieves smooth LED fades. It also ensures a flicker-free performance in video applications.

There are multiple control options. These include DMX, master/slave and sound activation modes. Also wireless control thanks to USB compatibility.

The full specification of our LED ultraviolet lights can be found on the manufactures website which is here.


UV Hire

What is a "blacklight"?

It's not really a black light. There is no such thing. Black is an absence of light. What it really is, is ultra violet light. All light is an electromagnetic wave and so the only different between light colour, is the frequency. Ultraviolet light is at the high end of the frequency spectrum. The light that the human eye can detect is the visible spectrum. Low waves are red and high frequency is violet.

Neon Light

Isn't it called neon light? What is a neon light?

Neon lights are what you may have seen in a shop window. The classic open sign. These are made of tubes that are bent into a desired shape. Inside the tube is a gas that when electricity is running through ionises the gas. Different gases produce different colours. The light itself is coloured.

To hire UV lights from us in Essex

Or to arrange a site visit, please call us on 01245 206206

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