Contract Hire or Rental

What is it?

A contract hire installation is a way of having a sound, lighting or AV installation in your venue without the usual upfront costs. You have the option to use brand new stock, or our own hire stock to provide you with a top quality system.

Who is it for?

Contract hire will suit any venue that is looking for flexibility in upgrades or changes or anyone who wants to manage cashflow. It will also help venues who do not have the resources to buy the system outright.

Types of systems

From small café speaker systems to large nightclub, full sound and lighting systems. Contract hire can be used across many different types of equipment and industries. It can also support projection, digital signage and other AV systems.

Contract Hire
Contract Hire or Rental

Benefits of Contract Hire Installation


Rental payments are 100% tax deductible. Which means if you are a profitable venue you effectively pay nothing for your system hire. The equipment doesn't show on your balance sheet and as such doesn't depreciate each year.

Cash Flow

These agreements have a much lower monthly cost than buying the system on a lease. As such more of your money stays in your bank.


A contract system allows you to make changes without large, upfront equipment costs. If you open a new room or extend a space, a system could be adapted to accommodate this. This makes upgrades easier and more cost effectively.


Contract systems generally make use of our extensive rental stock which is all from premium brands. This means that you get the very best, branded equipment installed to a high standard.


As part of a rental system we will include a support element. This includes regular site visits and equipment testing to make sure the equipment is always in the best working condition.

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