S J Marshall Ltd. Trades As Spotlight Sound

At all times you are a sub-contractor of S J Marshall Ltd.

Whilst on site you are representative of Spotlight Sound.

You should not engage with the end client in anyway that jeopardies the relationship between Spotlight Sound and its clients. E.g. Having clients complete you own paperwork. Where possible you should wear plain branded clothing, not affiliated with any other AV service / installation company.


S J Marshall Ltd. requires a high standard of Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental compliance with relevant statutory duties on all works.

The award of works by S J Marshall Ltd is therefore determined not only on grounds of quality, price and technical ability, but also past safety record and present ability to execute work safely and without risks to health and the quality of workmanship.

As a subcontractor of S J Marshall Limited, you will always be an independent subcontractor and neither yourself, nor your employees, will be an employee of the Company.  No partnership, joint venture or agency will be created or will be deemed to be created by this agreement or by any action of the parties under this Agreement.

As an independent subcontractor, you will be responsible for making any and all payments and remittances required by law including, but not limited to, remittances under the Income Tax Act and, accordingly, the Company will not deduct any such amounts from the payments made to the subcontractor under this Agreement.

The subcontractor will indemnify and save harmless S J Marshall Ltd. against all liabilities arising out of any failure by the subcontractor to comply with the above.

This Agreement shall ensure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties and their successors and permitted assigns.

We do not allow the sub-contract of any work that we have allocated to a specific company.

If  non-approved labour resource is used, payment will not be made.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as they contain important information regarding the preparation, contracted works and commissioning of all works accepted under the S J Marshall Ltd. title.

A) Sub-Contractor General Responsibilities

1. If for any reason you are unable to attend on the scheduled date, S J Marshall Ltd must be informed at least 48 hours prior to agreed site attendance.

2. Project plans must be properly read and evaluated prior to attendance on site. If transportation of equipment or special equipment is required, you must contact the Project Coordinator at least 48 hours prior to agreed site attendance.

3. If your personal access equipment is not appropriate (low access ladder), it is your responsibility to inform the Project Coordinator prior to the day of Installation.

4. On Arrival at site, it is your duty to call to the Project Coordinator within the first hour with an overview of the current site conditions, review and report on the delivered materials.

5. All works on site must be conducted professionally and in a timely manner to uphold the existing reputation held by S J Marshall Ltd, whilst on site, you are ambassadors for the company.

B) Recording of Current Site Conditions

1. S J Marshall Ltd must be informed of any equipment / access hire which is missing from site within the first hour of attendance.

2. All equipment which needs to be stored on site must be placed in a safe and secure area by the Sub-Contractor, in agreement with the Client or Main Contractor.

3. S J Marshall Ltd. will not be held responsible for any theft or damage of above equipment resulting from a lack of adherence to this policy.

4. Any equipment which is lost or misplaced on site will be the liability of the Sub-Contractor. (S J Marshall Ltd. reserve the right to request reimbursement for such items if deemed appropriate)

5. In event of delays due to 3rd party conditions the Project Coordinator must be informed immediately of the situation and be given a site contact to discuss this further.

6. Please note; all parts supplied by Sub-Contractors should be agreed in advance with the Project Manager and Invoiced at appropriate market rates. S J Marshall Ltd. reserve the right to reimburse the replacement parts to the contractor at current market rates if the amount invoiced appears to be significantly higher.

C) Completion of Works and Commissioning

1. S J Marshall Ltd must receive a full copy of the Service/Installation Report Form, found at https://www.spotlightsound.co.uk/engineer/ including photos. All reports should be submitted before leaving site. Any out of hours’ work will require the report to be submitted at the end of the completed works before the following morning. Any deviation to this must be agreed in writing (by email).

2. Invoices must be submitted maximum 30 days from completion of works. S J Marshall Ltd will not be held responsible for any delayed payments due to late Invoicing.

3. Payment Terms are 30 days from the invoice date.

4. Any payment inquiries should be directed to: sdimond@spotlightsound.co.uk

5. Any concerns, questions or queries should be raised initially withSam Dimond via email on sdimond@spotlightsound.co.uk. Suggestions are very welcome and should also be directed via the same process.

D) Penalties
1. S J Marshall Ltd reserves the right to discount or stop payment(s) for failing to submit all supporting paperwork detailing completion of works carried out on time.