Snow machine hire can be used for private and public event. However, they are recommended for outdoor use. Most popular for Winter Wonderland parties and events. The snow machine produces a fine fake snow like foam, to to give a falling snow effect, in addition it leaves a snowy residue on the ground.

Our snow machines use bottles of fluid to disperse into a fine snow like effect. The machines are only recommended for outdoor use. They are able to cover the ground and buildings.

White Christmas and Winter Wonderland

We have a range of high output machines for hire. These are supplied with snow fluid and remote control for your event. We are able to deliver and collect units or they can be collected from us in Chelmsford, Essex.

Snow machines can be hired from 1 day to a months hire or longer. We can supply you with the snow fluid for a long term hire if needed. For long term discounted prices please call us. We are happy to provide discounted rates for long term hire and rental and out of season hire. Please note long term hire through December is strictly limited due to demand. Please call or email for latest availability and pricing.

Small, Medium & Large Snow Machines

Small Snow Machine

Small Snow Machine

The Antari 250 is our smallest snow machine. And really doesn't deserve that name as it is still a great snow machine. Suitable for house parties, use at home and in small venues.

Medium Snow Machine

Medium Snow MachineThe Antari 500 is our medium snow machine. This has a separate snow head attached by a 10M tube. This makes it suitable for rigging high up. It also produces a finer fake snow effect. Therefore much better for on camera and TV work. 

Large Snow Cannon

Large Snow CannonThis really is the daddy of all snow cannons! Our large snow machine is the Universal Effects 500. The largest snow machine in Europe. This is only suitable for large, outdoor events.

Fake Snow 1
Fake Snow 3
Fake Snow 2

How long does snow machine snow last?

A bottle of fluid will last a different amount of time on each machine. Our smallest machine will use a full 5L bottle in about 40-50 minutes if it is on full power.

Our medium snow machine will get through it's 20L tank in around 50-60 minutes if on full power.

Lastly our Universal Effects cannon will use 25L in approximately 50 - 60 mins.

All of the machines can be used for longer on one tank of fluid if the output is lowered.

Snow Machine Hire Myths

There is no such thing as a dry snow machine

All machines use a fluid that is water based therefore the effect is wet. The water is pumped through a nozzle and pressurised air disperses the fluid into small parts to give the falling snow effect. In other words, all snow machines are a wet effect. The benefit of wet effect is the snow will wash away.

Looking for an on the ground dry snow, as you may have seen on set and TV? This is artificial fake dry snow. There are many different products on the market, some as simple as artificial grass and blankets. But these are all props. Dry effects require cleaning up.


Snow Cannon Hire

Snow Cannon Hire

High Output Winter Wonderland
Outdoor Snow Machine Hire

For large outdoor events, Christmas light switch on, public events and high streets, we have the largest snow machine available. This is the biggest on the market with a huge 40KG fan, therefore blowing snow up to 20M. This snow machine is only supplied with our staff. Contact us for pricing and availability on the snow cannon.

Antari SW250 (Small) VS Antari S500 (Medium)

See the comparison between our small and medium snow machines available to hire, to see which one is right for you.

Both units were demonstrated on full power. Both machines will throw the snow the same distance however the medium machine produces much more snow. It is also finer and a more realistic effect, better on camera than the smaller machine.

For TV, commercials or video work we recommend the medium machine as it is more realistic on camera.

Realistic Falling Snow

Take a look at the video of our Universal Effects snow cannon. This is a high output machine and is the largest machine in Europe. It can produce a snow storm effect using specially formulated snow fluid. This is suitable for public events in large spaces and is quick drying. This machine travels the country during December so please call us for the latest availability.

What is the effect like?

We are often asked what the fake snow is like. It is an artificial snow that is like a dry foam. Fake snow uses a foam fluid that is forced through a nozzle. This creates a falling snow effect.

Christmas Day Hire

We are happy to provide hire over the Christmas period. You can usually collect on 23rd and return on the 28th - dependant on how days of the week fall. We only charge for 1 days use of the festive period and can supply extra fluid, if you want to get more use from the machine.

As these snow machines are very popular throughout December, we do take a non-refundable booking fee to secure your hire. This means that your hire is booked and confirmed and you won't be let down on the day.

Falling snow effects are available in Essex, Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties. In addition they are available across the country. We are happy to advise on setup and rigging of snow machine hire equipment, supplies and can specify equipment for all types of events. We stock a large quantity of fluid for our machines. All machines are regularly cleaned, serviced and inspected for your peace of mind. Get in touch to find out how we can help with your event and special effects needs.

We have the largest stock of snow fluid. Contact us for sales.


All snow effects machines are a wet effect. There are no machines on the market that produce a “dry snow”. In other words, all of the snow machines on the market use a snow fluid and so we only recommend these for outdoor use.

We only use high power, professional, machines. Made by Universal Effects and Antari. These are only sent out with our fluid. This ensures safe operation. All large units come with 5L or 10L fluid holders as well as output adjustment control. We also have 20L bottles and always keep hundreds of litres of snow liquid on the shelf, in stock.

As you would expect these are extremely popular through December. Therefore early booking is advisable. We have a number of units in stock. Although we can not guarantee availability without confirmation of rental. A booking fee may be taken at the time to secure your rental.

If you would like any clarification on the different snow machines available or how they can be used then please call. We have safety data for all machines and fluid to satisfy any Health and Safety policy.

Note: We do not use the small American DJ Snow Flurry machines. Our machines are superior in every way. They have better output, reliability and effect. Small, cheap machines can block and not give the desired storm effect. Make sure you hire a professional product.

Snow Machine

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