Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Frequencies


Wireless Microphone Licence

There are two types of UK Wireless Microphone Licence.

UHF - UK wide shared access to Channel 38 (606.500-613.500 MHz) internally or externally and licensed on a non-protected basis for either one or two years.

Users can typically achieve 10 radio microphones in this range operating in the same place at the same time. However this can differ case by case. Access is not restricted to specific frequencies and users can re tune within the stated range to any usable frequency.

VHF - UK wide shared access to 15 spot frequencies in the range 175.250 to 209.800 MHz internally or externally and licensed on a non-protected basis for one year only.

These licences are popular due to the one off purchase with no requirement to notify us of where or when these channels are being used. However as the channels are shared users must be prepared to retune to alternative frequencies if interference from other local users is experienced.

Usually it is the user of the equipment who must hold the licence. There are only two exceptions.

Licence exempt equipment.

Licence exempt equipment includes some wireless microphones and some video equipment. Details can be found in the Equipment section of our website, and full details of all licence exempt equipment is available from Ofcom.

UK Wireless Microphone Licence

Any licensee that holds a UK Wireless Microphone Licence may hire or loan equipment to their customers. Providing the licensee supplies their customer with a written permit, the customer may use the equipment under the licence issued to the hirer. We provide a model form of permit to all licensees.

Sennheiser Wireless Microphone Frequency Chart