Wireless Microphone Frequencies

Wireless Microphone Frequencies and Licensing

Our wireless microphone currently operates in Channel 69, until July 2012 you are permitted to use the following radio frequencies with our wireless microphones.

854.900, 855.275, 855.900, 856.175, 856.575, 857.625, 857.950, 858.200, 858.650, 860.400, 860.900, 861.200, 861.550, 861.750

We offer free permits to customers who hire our wireless microphone equipment, please read these terms and conditions for the use of wireless microphone technology that you are obliged to adhere to under the license.


The holder of a UK Wireless Microphone Licence may issue free permits to others to use hired or loaned equipment on the channels on that licence.  The user is subject to the licence conditions, which are summarised below, and the operational restrictions.


1. The user shall ensure that the equipment is operated by authorised persons only and that they are aware of these conditions.  Unauthorised persons, where possible, should be prevented from obtaining access to the equipment.

2. The equipment must only be operated on the frequencies shown above.

3. The equipment must only be operated at the exact location shown discussed (venue address).

4. The equipment must not be operated at a power exceeding 10mW erp for handheld equipment or 50mW erp for bodyworn equipment.(A bodyworn wireless microphone is a device which is intended to be worn next to or strapped closely to the user’s body.)

5. The user shall permit any person authorised by the Office of Communications (“Ofcom”) to have access to the equipment at any time when it is in use, and at any other reasonable time, for the purpose of its inspection and testing.

6. Use of the equipment shall be suspended forthwith at any time on the demand of a person acting under the authority of Ofcom, or restricted forthwith in the manner specified by such person.

7. Breach of these conditions may result in seizure of the equipment by a person acting under the authority of Ofcom.

8. All licences and services are authorised on the condition that their use does not cause any undue interference  to  other authorised  uses. Ofcom reserves the right to terminate any licence or service that causes undue interference.

9. To qualify as a wireless microphone, equipment must  comply with the appropriate Interface Requirement IR2038 (published by Ofcom) or, for equipment placed on the market before 8 April 2000, must conform to the standards MPT 1350 (UK) or I-ETS 300 422 (ETSI).

10. These frequencies are licensed only for the transmission of programme material and not for data transmission.