Outdoor Lighting

Create amazing and breathtaking effects using professional outdoor lighting equipment.

We have everything you need including waterproof wash lights, festoon lighting, and flood lights. All great for lighting trees, buildings and statues. As well as being used for emergency or safety lighting.

Hylands House NHS Blue

We have a large stock of professional grade festoon lighting. These string lights are a classic effect which work well on all kinds of outdoor events. Festoon lights are on a single cable with lamps spaced at regular intervals.

Our festoon lighting is all LED and so you can connect lots of  them together off of one plug.

Outdoor Event Lighting

Create memorable experiences with outdoor lighting. Weddings, parties, corporate events, there is no limit. Marquee lighting, sky tracker lights and LED mood lighting.

We have large Studio Due outdoor was lights for hire. These are fantastic for lighting up large areas and building. We recently used them to light up a number of landmarks in our local city Chelmsford, Essex for #clapforcarers.

Outdoor Event

Outdoor Lighting

Hi Sam, Just wanted to say thank you to your team for providing us with an excellent service at such short notice and an excellent PA system for our Hall. Several members of staff have commented on how good the system is.

School Sound System Installation ( Network Manager )