Outdoor PA Hire Essex

Our sound and PA experts  will listen to your needs and talk you through everything we have to offer. We’ll even supply staff to set up and run your sound system or PA onsite so that you feel confident that your event will be a success. Event sound rental is our speciality.

Summer always sees us supply outdoor PA systems across the region. With large PA horns we are able to cover large areas for public announcements and background music. These outdoor systems can be supplied with wireless microphones, handheld, headset or lapels for outdoor announcements. We can provide these for arenas and shows for your event.

100V Outdoor PA Systems

PA set-ups can be supplied with or without generators or our small PA systems are battery powered. This means you can have a high power speaker system anywhere. Common events for outdoor PA include public and private events, school sports days and fetes. We also supply to an array of other outdoor shows and events.

Take a look at our Facebook page or blog to see the latest outdoor events we are supplying systems for. The sound system is often bundled with our staging for events. Take a look at what we can offer. Or give us a call to get a quote for what you may need.

The outdoor systems are incredibly efficient, standing tall this PA can throw speech across a large area. We also supply 100V music horns for background music across site. Ordinary PA speakers are not suitable for outdoor events as they can not throw the sound. This means that it will be incredibly loud in front of the speaker and very quiet in the distance. Our horns allow us to maintain very low power levels and keep an even and consistent sound across a site. Only 5-15W of power is needed for a horn to throw speech across a large area.

Yamaha QL1 Hire


Digital and analogue mixers from top industry brands Yamaha and Soundcraft

Amp Hire


Power amplifiers and 100V from Yamaha, Powersoft and Australian Monitor

Active and passive speakers from KV2 Audio, FBT Audio and Yamaha

Sennheiser 945 Mic


Wired, industry standard microphones including Sennheiser and Shure

A full range of Sennheiser Evolution series including handheld, headset and lavalier / lapel

Comms Hire


Comms systems from tecpro with master station, beltpacks and single / double muff headsets

100V outdoor public address systems including TOA horns and Australian Monitor amplifiers

Sound Cable Hire


A full range of audio cable and adapters including XLR, Speakon, CAT6, signal, speaker and data cables

Outdoor PA Hire