Different types of speakers

Active Speakers - These have built in amplification (power). They require no external amplifier and can usually take both a line level and mic level input straight in to them.

Passive Speakers - These do not have any built in amplification and so require an external power amplifier for them to work.

Active Driven - These are speakers that do not have built in amplification, but must be used with their manufacture matched amplifiers.

Speaker Hire & PA System Hire

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Spotlight Sound have a large stock of speakers for hire and rental. From professional, industry standard brands we have a range of speakers to meet your needs.

KV2 EX1.8

Speaker hire at home?

We have a range of PA systems for hire that are suitable for home use. Save you home hifi or wireless speakers. We can provide DJ quality systems. In addition to great quality they are simple to setup, and simple to use. Speakers and subwoofers are available for parties and events at home.

Watts are not a measure of power!

It is a common misconception that more watts equals louder speakers. This is not true. 

Firstly a Watt is a measure of power and not sound. For instance more watts, equals more power, can equal more sound, but it is not always the case. Secondly, the way in which speaker manufactures, or hire companies, portray watts can be misleading.

RMS watt measurements are the most consistent measurement. This is the long term power handling of a speaker. Some websites, or promotional material, may say 5000W, which is a lot, but this will be 'peak' power. Usually measured in milliseconds, so it is not realistic.

Finally, we also have to keep in mind efficiency. You can have two speakers, both 400W RMS power rating. But one may be more efficient than the other, so that one will likely be louder.

Speaker power and volumes are a complex science. For more information please contact us.

We can specify the right size speakers for your event. However, if you know exactly what you want, just ask.

Kv2 ES Hire

Which PA System do I need?

We use a number of different PA systems for hire. From small two speaker setups and party packages. To large outdoor sound systems and PA equipment. KV2 point source sound systems are some of our favourite, for both small and large events.

KV2 audio offer a range of advantages over conventional speakers. They are incredibly efficient and offer very low non harmonic distortion. Therefore you get incredibly high resolution audio, in what can be very compact PA systems.

Talk to us about sound equipment or what sound system you need for your event. For instance anything from 50 - 5000 people, we have got you covered.

Our in house stock of PA systems includes a full suite of KV2 Audio products. For instance we have EX10 and EX12 active units. EX2.2 and EX1.8 bass modules. Complete active driven ES systems as well as rigging accessories. We also have a range of smaller speakers from FBT including active 12" speakers and active 15" sub speakers.

Outdoor Speaker Hire

As well as standard speaker systems we also supply 100V outdoor systems. These speakers are used to project messages over a long distance. 100V horn speakers are used for fairs, fetes and country shows as well as other large scale events. They are perfect for announcements and emergency evacuation as they are able to project the spoken word a long way. They are not suitable for high quality music playback.

We have a large stock of outdoor masts and horn speakers for these types of large scale events. We can also supply smaller one mast setups for sports days and smaller events. These can also be battery powered and supplied with a microphone for the announcements.

Outdoor systems can be used on grass, gravel or hard standing. They are best suited on grass land so they can be secured into the ground. We can also use these masts for outdoor lighting for the safety of visitors to an event. Generators and our battery PowerCell are available to power these smaller systems.

Outdoor Speaker Hire
Charity Run

Battery Powered Speakers

We keep a number of battery powered / wireless units. These are suitable for small events where this is no power. Battery powered speakers can play music from USB, SD card, or anything with a headphone socket. They also come with a wireless handheld microphone.

These units are great for charity runs, parks and have been used on buses and boats before.

As well as sound systems we supply every other piece of sound equipment you may need. We stock wireless microphones, digital and analogue mixers, instrument and vocal mics, amplifier, communication systems, cabling and more. Go to our sound equipment hire page for more info on the full range of sound equipment we have to offer.

Corporate Events and Marquees

We use smaller, discrete speakers for corporate events. Where they delivery fantastic audio quality whilst also looking the part.