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Video Systems Installation at Hackers, Billericay, Essex

Hackers, a prominent entertainment venue, has joined forces with Spotlight Sound to introduce an extensive video system that has transformed the way the venue experiences sports and entertainment.

Hackers: A Hub for Entertainment

Hackers, known for its vibrant atmosphere, thrilling events, mini golf, and escape rooms, welcomed visitors in Billericay, Essex in February 2022.

The company invested around £2.5 million in the venue, which included securing planning permission, expanding the space, establishing a new bar and kitchen, hiring and training 25 new employees, and creating Mayan-inspired adventures and escape rooms on the upper floor.

Indoor entertainment venues in the UK offer a thrilling fusion of escape rooms and mini-golf. Also, these dual experiences provide diverse entertainment under one roof, making them perfect for groups and individuals alike. You can engage your mind in escape challenges and simultaneously enjoy playful rounds of mini-golf in creatively themed environments. This wide array of offerings caters to a variety of preferences and appeals to lots of different people.

Hackers Golf
Video System Install

Hackers has upgraded its video system with high-definition displays strategically positioned throughout the venue. These displays seamlessly blend into the venue's design, improving the overall experience rather than causing disruptions. Plus, Sky Sports and TNT Sports are now available in the bar area.

The enhanced system features eight new 4K high-resolution LG displays and a Wyrestorm distribution system for convenient on-site staff control.

By transforming Hackers in Billericay, Essex into the ultimate sports and entertainment hub, we have taken the experience to a whole new level. With our state-of-the-art installation of SkyHD and multiple high-definition TV screens, you're in for an unparalleled viewing experience. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and immersive sports coverage. This dedication makes Hackers a standout destination for sports fans seeking an exceptional experience.

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