Festival Crowd Matts BBQ 2022

Matts BBQ Gets Cooking with Spotlight Sound Production
For the second year in a row Spotlight Sound take on the technical production of Matts BBQ Event

The Festival Journey

MattsBBQ had humble beginnings as a backyard BBQ celebration in honor of Matt's birthday back in 2006, attended by approximately 30 close friends. As the years passed, this birthday bash quickly gained popularity, and the guest list grew beyond what Matt's mum's house could accommodate. In 2012, after six years of house parties, it was time for MattsBBQ to find a new venue.

What started as a small gathering soon evolved into a must-attend summer event for the local community, and its popularity continued to soar. The excitement for #MattsBBQ spread like wildfire across the UK, leading to events hosted at various football clubs and cricket grounds, attracting over 1000 enthusiastic attendees.

Just a few years later, MattsBBQ made its debut at a dedicated festival site with a capacity of 3000 people. Since then, this beloved event has taken the scene by storm, drawing the attention and participation of talented artists and DJs from the UK and around the world. With each show, the number of attendees has surged, reaching an impressive 7000 per event

Matts BBQ Main Stage
Matts BBQ Second Stage DJ

Matts BBQ & Spotlight Sound

In 2021 Spotlight Sound were approached for a simple yet crucial mission: to tackle previous noise pollution issues while ensuring an unforgettable experience for festival-goers and performers alike. Due to the success of our input at the 2021 festival we were pleased to be invited back in 2022, with more responsibilities across the site.

When it comes to creating unforgettable festival experiences, technical expertise is key, and Spotlight Sound delivered just that at Matt's BBQ Festival in Croydon. Our team provided top-of-the-line stage, sound, lighting, and video equipment across the two stages.

Our state-of-the-art sound systems ensured that every note and beat resonated through the crowd, creating a sonic masterpiece. The lighting setup added a visual spectacle, illuminating the performers and the attendees. And with our high-definition video equipment, festival-goers didn't miss a moment of the action.

At Spotlight Sound, we're committed to elevating events to new heights. Matt's BBQ Festival was no exception. Trust us to bring your next event to life with precision and flair!"

Matts BBQ Production

From Sevenoaks in 2021 to Purley Playing Fields in 2022, Spotlight Sound are pleased to provide the staging, sound, lighting and video systems to Matts BBQ.

Team Lead - Jim Cairns
Sound - Guy Morris
Lighting - Rob Price & Callum Macdonald
Noise Control - F1 Acoustics

Matts BBQ 2nd Stage Crowd

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