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The Willow Ball, an annual gala by the Willow Foundation, raises funds for those with life-threatening illnesses. Founded by Bob and Megs Wilson, the event unites supporters for an enchanting evening, fulfilling the foundation's mission of creating meaningful experiences for those in need.

Nestled in Covent Garden, London, the Grand Connaught Rooms radiate timeless elegance and history. Originally a Freemasons' Tavern in 1775, the venue evolved into today's opulent space. The Edwardian suite, adorned with chandeliers, hosts weddings, conferences, and special events.

The Grand Hall, accommodating 750 guests, emanates grandeur, perfect for gala dinners and corporate gatherings. Blending historic charm with modern amenities, it suits any occasion. Renowned for exceptional service, the Grand Connaught Rooms remain a premier choice, embodying London's architectural and cultural essence.

Whether for a lavish celebration or corporate affair, the Grand Connaught Rooms promise an unforgettable city experience, combining history and sophistication.

Grand Connaught Rooms
Matt Lucas
Willow Xmas Ball 2023

The Willow Ball 2023

The 2023 Willow Ball, orchestrated by the Willow Foundation, marked an exceptional evening of compassion and philanthropy. Anticipated to exceed expectations, the event built on the foundation's legacy of supporting those with life-threatening illnesses. Acting as a beacon of hope, the ball brought together a diverse community—supporters, celebrities, and philanthropists—all uniting behind the mission to create uplifting experiences.

Immersed in an enchanting atmosphere with a focus on charitable giving, the 2023 Willow Ball aimed to raise essential funds. This commitment seeks to fulfill the foundation's mission of providing special moments and lasting memories. Attendees, joining for an evening of entertainment and purpose, undoubtedly contributed to making a meaningful impact on lives amidst the challenges of severe illness.

Hosted by Matt Lucas, who infused the event with his unique comedy and presentation style, the 2023 Willow Ball celebrated incredible support, raising over £205,000—a testament to the unwavering generosity of attendees.

Creating the best moments!

We were proud to be invited back to provide complete event production for this years event.

Building on the success of the 2022 event at The Sheraton, Park Lane, we delivered another great event with the team at the Willow Foundation.

This year the team wanted to transform the Grand Connaught Rooms into a winter wonderland themed event. Providing staging, graphics, sound, lighting and video equipment we were able to deliver a seamless and flawless event.

Elevate your events with Spotlight Sound – your premier choice for unparalleled event production services. We specialise in creating unforgettable experiences, offering top-tier sound systems and cutting-edge production solutions. For this Gala Dinner, Willow trust Spotlight Sound for seamless events that leave a lasting impression.

Frankie and David Seaman
Willow Winter Wonderland

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