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Walkabout Colchester Essex: A Premier Entertainment Venue

Opened in July 2018 following a £400,000 refurbishment, the original Missoula site has undergone a radical transformation. Walkabout Bars are a vibrant chain of Australian-themed pubs. With a welcoming atmosphere, they offer a taste of Down Under with their diverse food and drinks menus. Walkabout is celebrated for live sports, entertainment, and creating a slice of Australia in the UK.

Walkabout, located in the heart of the Colchester city, offers various entertainment choices to both residents and visitors. The venue's design allows it to shift seamlessly from a daytime bar and sports centre into an exciting nightclub. Delivering the finest nightlife entertainment in Colchester.

For more than five years, Walkabout has relied on Spotlight Sound to design, install, and maintain the sound, lighting, and video systems. We offer responsive maintenance and technical equipment installation, including DJ equipment rental for events.

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The Sound System

Walkabout Colchester has continuously improved its sound system over the years. They chose the Void sound system with BSS processing and Dynacord amplification. This ensures clear sound for every beat, note, and spoken word. This choice creates an exceptional audio experience for their guests.

Lighting That Excites

The venue's lighting system is equally remarkable. It features cutting-edge Chauvet effects lighting, including moving heads, spot, beam, and wash lighting. This adds a dynamic and visually stunning ambiance to the venue. The entire setup is managed by the powerful ShowCAD control system, allowing the venue to craft captivating light shows and elevate the overall atmosphere.

Cutting-Edge Video

To ensure customers catch every moment of the action, Walkabout Colchester has integrated a video system controlled by SoundWeb through HD Anywhere matrix systems. This advanced setup broadcasts SkyHD to 16x 4K screens, in addition to a large HD projector, providing everyone with an excellent view of the game.


The new Walkabout in Colchester, situated in the heart of Essex, is a versatile entertainment venue that offers a little something for everyone. From daytime dining to the ultimate sports viewing experience, and a thrilling nightlife scene, this establishment has it all. Their recent investment in cutting-edge audio, lighting, and video systems from Spotlight Sound underscores their commitment to providing an unparalleled entertainment experience. So, whether you're a local resident or just visiting Colchester, be sure to make Walkabout Colchester a must-visit on your list for a truly unforgettable time.

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