Streaming Event

Streaming Events

The global Covid 19 pandemic has shown that we need to be able to transform ourselves into living a much more virtual life than we normally do. We have started to learn how to catch up with our friends online, we have learnt how to work remotely, and even bigger things such as concerts have begun to stream online.

Here at Spotlight Sound we decided that now was the perfect time to make sure that we enter into the digital world, more than we usually do. Which is why we have decided to set up our very own service to stream events online.

Using onsite tech we have created a way to ensure that these live events are able to be broadcast over a variety of different platforms. These are perfect for live events streaming; such as Zoom, Facebook and YouTube.

Stream an Event

You can get as big an audience as possible

When you set up an event you are going to need to ensure that you get as many people attending as possible. However, this can be one of the most challenging parts of setting up an event. People may not be able to travel, they may not be able to find someone to look after children, or they may not be able to afford to get wherever it is or pay to stay over if need be. When you set up a virtual live-streamed event you are sure to get more people who are able to attend. After all, they are able to do so from the comfort of their own home, which is great news for you.

You can create your event in a timely way

It takes a lot of time and effort to set up an event. Which means that if you want to create a time urgent event that relates to something that is happening right now, then you might actually miss that time critical period. In comparison, when you set up an online event, the set up time is minimal; which means that you can make sure that you set up your event within the right time frame, to ensure that your event stays relevant.

You stand out from the crowd

When you are offering a live streaming event you are making sure that you are appealing to as wide an audience as possible. You are showing your customers that you care about them being able to attend a part of whatever it is that you have arranged, this shows that you are thinking about their needs, that you care about them being able to attend your event and ensure that you stand out from the crowd as much as possible.

These are just a few of the reasons why you might want to live stream an event, so, if you have an event that you want to share, then speak to us about live streaming your event.

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