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Chelmsford Mis-Cheifs Ice Hockey Club – Winter Wonderland Ball

Sound and Lighting Hire Spotlight Sound Chelmsford

In December 2013 we were pleased to sponsor one of our local recreational ice hockey teams, the Chelmsford Mis-Chiefs. Having formed in 2012 the team was setup to give the parents and inexperienced adults a chance to get on the ice and play hockey. The Sunday night training proved incredibly popular and has grown extensively since it started, welcoming all players from 18 – 60.

Mis-Cheifs Winter Ball Spotlight Sound Chelmsford EssexFor Christmas the team’s committee wanted to put on a one of a kind event and enlisted our expertise for this. Having been asked to sponsor one of the club’ awards we were also very pleased to support the event with staging, lighting and confetti cannons.

Spotlight Sound were pleased to sponsor the Best Forward trophy for The Chelmsford Mis-Cheifs regular season 2012-2013. You can see in the picture on the left our representative Jon Wickes presenting the ‘Best Forward’ Trophy to Steven White who is this years winner. The ‘Best Forward’ trophy recognises the efforts and top point scorer for all Forward players in the team. Having scored 21 points in 8 games White was the winner with Steven Copsey coming in a close second place with 17 points in 8 games.

Many awards for the team were sponsored by local businesses from Chelmsford.

Confetti Hire Chelmsford EssexGold Confetti Cannons

The confetti cannons were setup during the day with a firing system which was easily controlled by the club. In the evening and whilst the band was playing the 2 powered firing pods were set off and the gold confetti floated to the ground. 22nd Century Band of Essex provided the entertainment for the evening and really gave the Mis-Cheifs an excellent party. We were also very pleased to supply the staging and LED lighting for the evening.

Adam Clark, captain of the Chelmsford Mis-Cheifs designed and built this photo booth which saw both myself and Jon of Spotlight Sound posing for a few shots!

Photobooth Hire Chelmsford Essex


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