Restaurant Audio InstallThe Magic Mushroom, Essex

Established 20 years ago and set in the heart of rural Essex, the Magic Mushroom restaurant offers contemporary fine dining in relaxed modern surroundings. A recent extension and upgrade has added high quality audio, thanks to Yamaha loudspeakers and amplifiers.

With a growing number of customers, for 2018 Magic Mushroom’s owner decided that an extension to the restaurant was needed, along with a new sound system. The restaurant prides itself on sourcing its products locally and has continued this ethos with the new audio system, approaching technical production company Spotlight Sound - based in nearby Chelmsford - to specify and install it.

The new extension is designed to allow certain parts of the restaurant to be closed off for private functions and exclusive dining for larger parties. This meant that the new audio system needed to work in different ways, achieved by installing four independently-controlled zones with localised inputs.

Yamaha Audio Installation Spotlight Sound

Specifying Yamaha

“The brief was clear that the system had to deliver high quality sound and be able to suit the changing mood of the venue throughout the day, but the speakers had to be as unobtrusive as possible.” says Spotlight Sound’s Sam Dimond.

“We knew that Yamaha’s VXS3F loudspeakers would be right for the installation. This was due not only to their attractive, discreet design, but also, just as importantly - their premium sound and ease of installation. Yamaha has really thought about the practicalities of installation with the bracket design and the way that the speakers locate on them.”

A total of 16x VXS3Fs were installed, powered by XMV4140 multi-channel amplifiers.

“Yamaha’s installed audio products are great. They are extremely reliable and the service and support we get from the company all helps in making Yamaha our first choice for installation.” Sam continues. “From large distributed systems to small retail installations, they always have the product which works exactly the way we need. That makes our job so much easier.”

He continues, “With Magic Mushroom we had time to work with the client and plan a timescale for the installation around other trades onsite. However, we always carry Yamaha loudspeakers and amplifiers in stock, because there are always short-notice projects that need to be installed that day or the next!”

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